Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I've never been one for making New Year's resolutions. I figure, why make some grand plan, and then feel like an epic failure when a month later I've blown it? Better to not risk that.

But that's the problem. Without risk, there is no failure, true, but also without risk there is no reward. So this year is different. I'm still not calling it a NewYear's resolution, but more of a reevaluation and reassessment. My inspiration is somewhat from the movie Yes Man, in which Jim Carrey has to say "yes" to everything. Now, I'm not going to go that far, but what I am going to do is get out of my comfort zone.

I'm old enough to be past the point of caring what people think. I've always been a little too concerned with that. I hate that I never learned to ice skate because I was too embarassed to get out there and go for it. To learn to ice skate, you have to be willing to fall down...and fall again. Not me. I often thought if I could have one hour in an empty rink, I'd soon be twirling and spinning across the ice in no time, but in a rink full of people, I wasn't about to fall on my butt and be the butt of jokes. So I never learned to ice skate well, and I regret it.

My comfort zone has left my life a little too isolated. I go to work and church at the same place, and while I love it and all the people there, unfortunately there are no single people close to my age. I have a lot of great friends, but not one BFF who is single and can go to Target or Seven Bridges on five minutes notice.

So I'm getting out there this year. I'm finally going to go to one of those Meetup Groups and meet other likeminded people. I'm going to start taking tap dance classes again. I'm going to audition for one of the local theatres and hope to get a part, even if it's just in the chorus. I'm going to quit talking about all the things I like to do, and I'm going to get out there and DO them.

So, look Mom! Here I go!

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  1. You go for it, Leisha!
    I know what you mean about not having a BFF to somewhere - even on a few days notice.