Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time to take the plunge

Back in the day when I was a reporter for a living, my favorite part was writing columns. Rather than writing about city council meetings, murder trials, or high school basketball games, I could write about whatever struck my fancy. I've been told by everyone from my mother to my journalism professors that I have a gift for writing, but I haven't really felt the urge to bloviate my opinions in print in a long time. I get to do that live to a captive audience for six hours a day in my classroom!

I've been urged repeatedly to jump into the blogosphere, but I wasn't sure I had much to say. Not that a lack of interesting topics seems to stop a lot of bloggers, mind you! But I do tend to comment on websites and Facebook, so I thought, why not? Why not indulge myself a little and spout of my myriad opinions? Have no idea whether anyone else will care to read them, but we shall see.

Thanks for reading thus far, and here's to having some fun on this ride called life!

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